Left Can’t Defend Obama’s Privilege

It’s tough to defend the indefensible.    Juicy part:

If this is the greatest defense from the left, then the Democrats are in trouble. No wonder Jon Stewart has already abandoned them on this.

Obama is toast, y’all.


3 Responses to “Left Can’t Defend Obama’s Privilege”

  1. When Jon Stewart fakes tears on your behalf, you are toast ~ no butter, no jam, just plain, dry toast!

  2. Really? Care to look at the use of executive privilege- as I did here: http://drugsandotherthings.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/karl-rove-the-rights-hypocrisy-on-executive-privilege/

    Obama has used executive privilge in this case to protect documents- which darell issa’s panel has been offered full access to review but which are deemed harmful to current and/or futire DOJ operations and as such should not be made public. Now compare this to some examples of executive privilege- by both democrats (clinton) and republicans both Bush’s and reagan, which were used to hide their actions- both private and as government officials- not only from the public but from the agencies investigating their actions.

  3. Post coming soon.

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