Are the Dems doomed?

Really, really, really good read over at Hot Air.   Lots of historical political and economic perspective…. and some discussion about whether the left or the right has the upper hand in the coming age of austere governance.

I think the Dems are toast primarily for Jonah Goldberg’s observation:

[T]here’s a key difference between the parties. The Democrats tend to be more traditionally coalitional: If everyone sticks together, everyone gets paid. In the age of austerity, however, zero-sum politics become more of the norm. When one constituency’s victory is another’s loss, the payoff for solidarity diminishes.

…and I think it goes a tad bit further than political payoffs.  The left is simply too insulated from robust discussion and is eating itself alive.  Each time a member of its coalition dares question the group, under the bus they go.   Ask Cory Booker and company.

An ideology that reaches consensus only by subtraction is doomed to implode.

Bonus Edit: Another sign Dems are writing off Obama.


3 Responses to “Are the Dems doomed?”

  1. Oh my goodness….I hope they are. I’m really dreading the fall semester seeing all the adoration for The Won posted all over campus and seeing the Obama bumper stickers next to faculty stickers on cars. I shall spend election day baking brownies….if Czippy loses, I’ll take them to class that W. If he wins, I’ll probably eat them all myself. I simply do not understand how any “thinking” person could vote for him again.

  2. Obama is gonna get smoked. The Dems, long term, will probably fracture along their tenuous special interest lines. They won’t coalesce around a candidate like they did in Obama for a long time… possibly beyond our lifetimes.

    • LOL ~ maybe I should promise to send you brownies or fudge (which gets shipped to London for Christmas each year!) if your prediction comes to fruition.

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