A double shot of SEIU

A bilingual protest where the clip is capped off where a truck drive yells ‘Viva Mexico’ and the crowd cheers:

Funny they should be concerned about dignity while reacting in an undignified manner.   Pass this video around to your friends and family.  On another front, the SEIU -and other unions- lose a Supreme Court decision.  Juicy part:

… The Court, in a 48-page opinon by Justice Samuel Alito, held that employees can be required to pay dues in exchange for the benefits they get from collective bargaining, but can’t be forced to effectively lend money to the union for political activities they disagree with. It was a blow to the  Service Employees International Union, which first tried to make the case moot by offering refunds, and then argued it would be too difficult to get the assent of non-members before launching a campaign to defeat legislation it considered a threat to its existence. …

The decision, coming a short time after Gov. Scott Walker survived a union-led recall campaign in Wisconsin, further undermines the power of public-sector unions to compel employees to pay for their operations.The Supreme Court has uneasily upheld laws that require all employees to pay the equivalent of union dues to cover the costs of collective bargaining and other benefits they receive, under the theory it helps maintain “labor peace” by discouraging free-riders. Alito, in this decision, called that policy an “anomaly” given the strong First Amendment right against compelled speech or membership in any organization.

7-2 decision.   Very strong statement about the incredible overreach of union power.  The unions are doomed to irrelevance without their fascist coercion.   Thanks to Gateway Pundit for both links…. filing them under Unions for future reference.  Don’t forget: Obama has very close ties to the SEIU.



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