Dan Rather: What media bias?

You simply couldn’t script a more insular, clueless media hypocrite.     Willfully ignorant part:

Said Rather on Stewart’s Daily Show, “I know that it’s widely believed that CBS, NBC, ABC — chock full of liberals. Not true. What it’s chock full of are people who wanted to give honest news, straightforward news, and voted both ways in many elections.” Rather added, “Frequently what happened, people who were described as conservatives want to say, ‘I worked at CBS News, and you know, almost everybody there was liberal.’ What they really mean is not everybody there agreed with them all the time. This is a sham. It’s a camouflage.”

If a liberal repeats a lie often enough, it will become part of liberal theology.


2 Responses to “Dan Rather: What media bias?”

  1. I do believe his famous words about his smear/lies about GWB were “it was fake, but accurate.” If this man told me it was 8am, the sun was shining and it was June 20th, I would look at the clock, check out side and consult my calendar before I believed anything he said. But that’s just me!

  2. I can’t believe I used to have to debate liberals about whether bias existed. Still some pockets of willful ignorance, apparently.

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