Sands of failure make Obama’s deja vu shovel ready

Sarcasmus Maximus belts it outta da park.  Exquisitely juicy part:

But all he can see stretching to the horizon is sand.

So today our money-no-object government spends lot of money but to no great object. What are Big Government’s priorities now? Carpeting Catholic universities with IUDs. Regulating the maximum size of milk-coffee beverages. As Obama told us: “‘That’s how we built this country – together. We constructed railroads and highways… Together, we touched the surface of the moon, unlocked the mystery of the atom.’ And as we will one day tell our grandchildren: ‘Together, we touched the surface of the decaf caramel macchiato and deemed it to be more than 16 ounces. Together, we unlocked the mystery of 30-year-old college students’ womanhood. One small step to the IKEA futon for a lucky Georgetown Law freshwoman, one giant leap for womankind. Who will ever forget the day when the Union Pacific Board of Health Compliance and the Central Pacific Agency of Sustainable Growth Enhancement met at Promontory Community College, Utah, to hammer in the Golden Spike condom dispenser?'”

The federal government has become the agency of ‘no’.


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