USPS: Greek Tragedy

Courtesy of Walter Mead.   Juicy part:

Right now we have a truly toxic recipe for meltdown and failure: a bloated organization challenged by fundamental changes in its business model combined with an archaic and unworkable management system which empowers self-interested, self-promoting grand standers on Capitol Hill. Given the growth of entitlement spending and the explosion of national debt, post office subsidies will come under increasing scrutiny.

The United States Postal Service has lived beyond it’s useful existence.


One Response to “USPS: Greek Tragedy”

  1. Last week, I left two bills in my mailbox to be picked up by the postman. Later that evening, my next door neighbor knocked on my front door and handed me the two envelopes that he found on the grass by the group mailbox. Today, when I got my mail, there was a letter for a neighbor that was supposed to have a receipt of delivery signed by them but it had been left in my mailbox. I know that mail for my address gets delivered two streets away at times because we have the same house number but not the same street name. I’ve delivered mail to that person, and they’ve delivered mail to me. I now go directly to a small post office 5 miles from home rather than the one that is only a mile from home because I know things will get mailed without a problem.

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