Way Too Much Information From Media Lapdogs

Excellent article courtesy of Alicia Colon at the Irish Examiner.   Couple of juicy parts:

Ever since the Watergate scandal I’ve wondered whether journalists are more concerned with making names for themselves rather than ethically pursuing news. Before Woodward and Bernstein did we even have investigative reporters? I was still young and uninvolved in politics but I found it disturbing that after the Watergate hearings our intelligence community was targeted so that what was once top secret in the CIA and FBI became fodder for newspaper exposures. In some cases, this was a good thing but opening their files to the public also opened them to our enemies.


Today’s mainstream media lapdogs will continue to bolster this hard line image but it’s becoming harder to swallow. Everybody likes a hero but not a braggart who takes credit for another’s bravery.

Check it out.  Good read.


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