Ostrich brigade ignoring Obama’s gaffalopalooza.

Sometimes you can tell a whole lot about a group’s discussion dynamics by what they’re not discussing.   Take the Chicago Sun-Times’ Obama Works Long Game as an example:

As score-keeping goes, Obama lost last week. His gaffe that the private sector was “doing fine” came after the release of the latest fund-raising monthly totals showed Romney outraised him for the month of May.

  On Thursday in Cleveland, Obama is sticking with his game plan on the most important issue of the campaign: jobs creation.

Sheesh.  Obama lost last week?  How about the last couple of months?  The Keystone Cops look absolutely competent in comparison.  She didn’t even touch the fact that Obama’s job creation contained elements of trying to create more government jobs.  Another losing proposition.

Obama’s long game is good for only 4 years.  He’s toast.


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