You mean 2008 wasn’t Palin’s fault?

Data Tech Guy makes a salient point about liberal conspicuous silence about Palin.  Other data refuting the MSM lie in regards to Sarah Palin have been posted here and here.


One Response to “You mean 2008 wasn’t Palin’s fault?”

  1. Of course it wasn’t her fault ~ she was the one positive thing about the 2008 election cycle! In clicking on a couple of the links in this post, it appears I’ve already had my say on Sarah P., so I’ll not repeat my thoughts here. I would take her today in the job of POTUS over the person in the WH now. I guarantee she would not be putting her feet up on the antique desk in the Oval Office, nor would she be letting her family take vacation after vacation at the expense of We The People. And the bust of Winston Churchill would still be in its rightful place.

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