The distilled desperation of the left

Legal Insurrection is doing a fine job of holding the mirror to the leftists’ faces in regards to Elizabeth Warren.  It’s an appalling facade that no longer masks the sheer desperation.   This quote from the Daily Kos exposes that desperation:

“Elizabeth Warren is probably the number one project of the Progressive movement this November”

How far the pompous brigade have fallen in just one week.   Last week, Scott Walker’s defeat was going to herald a new energy of progressive populism as the people made their voices heard nationally.   Going forward, their number one objective is to elect a lilly white progressive who abused the affirmative action system to get access to an Ivy league education?  At the expense of Americans with actual native American heritage?


When you grant exemptions to the exception which was an exception to the first exception, you’ve gone far beyond the realm of logic and reason.  I think the progressives had better find some warmer political climes…. it’s going to be a long political winter in their self induced political irrelevance.   Obama’s defeat in November will foment more progressive desperation for which there will be few receptive ears.


One Response to “The distilled desperation of the left”

  1. A progressive is someone who is embarrassed to be called a liberal.

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