Good News Gang: Two Liberal Fairy Tales live on!

I have to hand it to modern liberalism, when they fabricate fairy tales… they can deliver them at the speed of right freaking now…. and they have a huge shelf life in their pews.

Michael Tomasky uses two of them as linchpins for Wisconsin Exit Polls: Obama, (Pretty) Big

The two weak linchpins:

The political outcome I really cared about was the exit poll question showing Obama beating Romney. By how much it’s hard to say. The first wave had Obama plus six, then later on MSNBC I saw plus 12, which I also saw here, at Business Insider. The Washington Post put it at nine. So let’s be conservative and call it seven.


And Obama ain’t gonna be outspent by no seven to one.

Exit polls and spending.  Let’s review the facts…. shall we?  First mole to be whacked is exit polling.  I mentioned in an earlier post the wide divergence in exit polling data and actual results…..and Mr. Jay Cost also noticed the divergence:

Last night the first draft of the exit polls were wrong. Again. This is actually a pretty common occurrence — they were off in 2010, 2004, and 2000. Each time leaning toward the Democrats. And don’t forget the 2008 New Hampshire Democratic exit poll–those were also off.

The media and liberals (but I repeat myself) are talking up the fact that Obama is ahead of Romney by seven points, according to the exit poll. It looks as though the numbers have been re-weighted so they no longer skew toward the Democrats. So, what should we make of this?

Go visit Mr. Cost’s cyberpad to see the error in the polling methodology.

Additionally, Mr. William Tucker offers up 6 very good reasons why liberals delude themselves and he speaks to Mr. Cost’s point in reason #6:

Don’t bother them. They live in a bubble. Actually, Election Night in November could end up looking a lot like Wisconsin in June. Romney and Obama will go into the last week neck-and-neck, with Obama polling slightly ahead. Early exit polls will show him winning handily — then, WHAM! Where did all these people come from? That’s the great American electorate, folks, once again telling the hyper-articulate, hyper-organized pundits and professoriate that they’ve had it with big government.

No, Mr. Tomasky, the Democrats were not outspent 7 to 1. Indeed, the unions -just the unions-  spent $60 million trying to unseat Scott Walker.

As long as the liberals continue to ignore the fact that the Democrats are the party of N.O., we can watch in amusement as they throw away money tilting toward windmills of false data.


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