The Left’s fantasy of a Wisconsin worker rebellion

Timothy P. Carney dials up a good one.  Juicy stuff:

Anyone on the Left who thought the middle class would side with government unions was badly misunderstanding the populism of the post-bailout era. Americans on the whole don’t resent people who make a lot of money. They resent people who make a lot of money unfairly, like bailed-out bankers or crony capitalists — and also unionized government employees.

When government unions collectively bargain for more money, it’s not a fair negotiation. They’re not bargaining with the people who pay them — the taxpayers — but instead with politicians, many of whom were elected on the strength of union support and union dues.

So when middle-class workers pay their taxes, that money is redistributed upward to state employees with higher pay, safer jobs and superior benefits, while some is funneled to unions that use it to elect politicians who will confer further privileges on government workers. If anyone raises a fuss, government workers call for a class struggle.

It’s no mystery that Wisconsin’s middle class didn’t sign on to AFSCME’s crusade. The mystery is why anyone thought it would.

That’s an airtight echo chamber the left dwells within.


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