Lessons From Wisconsin

Lee Tucker at The American Spectator provides good insight. 

The dessert:

6. Wisconsin may be a template for next November. The press is already dismissing the recall as an out-of-the-way sideshow in a remote state where Democrats didn’t have their best game. The New York Times editorial page even opined that the good guys lost when “labor failed to nominate its preferred candidate last month” — that would be Stanford-educated NGO attorney Kathleen Falk who lost 58-34 to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the primary! Don’t bother them. They live in a bubble. Actually, Election Night in November could end up looking a lot like Wisconsin in June. Romney and Obama will go into the last week neck-and-neck, with Obama polling slightly ahead. Early exit polls will show him winning handily — then, WHAM! Where did all these people come from? That’s the great American electorate, folks, once again telling the hyper-articulate, hyper-organized pundits and professoriate that they’ve had it with big government.

There’s a five course meal in front of that.  Go join the feeding frenzy.  Good stuff.


2 Responses to “Lessons From Wisconsin”

  1. I reluctantly agree with you. Walker outspent Barrett 7 to 1. No sitting president that was outspent by his challenger has ever won reelection, and Romney and his PACs have a 4 to 1 advantage over Obama and his PACs already.

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