If you read one article about the state of Progressivism…

….Walter Mead’s The “People United” Go Down In Flames is the one to read.  The perfect confluence of political analysis, history and future implications in regards to the progressive Custer flounder in Wisconsin.  Juicy part:

There has never been a greater need for the American faith that leads us to embrace change. The old certainties don’t work anymore, the old institutions are too expensive and too slow, and the old economy isn’t coming back. In Wisconsin, the left embraced the visions and the hopes of the past, but the voters were ready to move on.

Voters in Wisconsin didn’t reject a role for the state in regulating the economy and easing the harshness of life in a market economy. But they turned decisively against the argument that well-paid armies of life-tenured bureaucrats can produce enough good government to justify the cost. And the lesson of the election isn’t that the right has too much money; the lesson is that while the left still has plenty of passion and fire, it has, thanks in part to the power of public sector unions, largely run out of compelling ideas.

After you click over there and read the article, bookmark Mr. Mead’s site.  You will not regret it.  I pwomise.

Edit: link fixed.


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  1. The link didn’t work….

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