Enter now for your chance at cruel and unusual punishment!

Don’t be late!!!


5 Responses to “Enter now for your chance at cruel and unusual punishment!”

  1. LOL ~ I almost sent this one to you. The only way Nuclear Wintour (her nickname in the trade) would put on that hideous scarf is because she had to wear it in this ad. I suspect she didn’t touch it, and one of her minions had to put it on her and take it off so her hands didn’t get dirty. The scarf doesn’t even begin to go with her expensive (Chanel?) suit….I’m surprised she wasn’t dressed in black to make it work better.

    • This is a devastating video. Very well done.

      • I’m going to take my limited funds this fall and help a few candidates for the house & the senate. I think Romney will do well gathering in the $$. I was in counties today other than Montgomery, and I saw a LOT of big Romney signs at homes, which was good to see.

  2. I’ve already expended my funds for Scott Walker; kinda figured Romney would close the gap and he has…. he just beat Obama in May.

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