A target rich environment of liberal crying towels

As one would expect, liberal pundits put Wisconsin into industrial spin cycle and there are simply too many to list this morning.  I’m picking this one: Walter Shapiro’s  What Scott Walker can teach Barack Obama.  The subtitle reads “The Wisconsin governor survived the recall, but he could have avoided it altogether by trusting voters with the truth.”  Obama?  Truth?  You gotta be kidding us.   Moving on…

When I read the title, I thought to myself that Scott Walker doesn’t have that much time to teach a complete narcissist such as Barack Obama.   I digress.  Some of the key points made in the article:

Walker, who won his rematch with Tom Barrett, the Democratic mayor of Milwaukee, by a larger margin than in 2010, is entitled to assume that yak herders in Mongolia—like everyone around the globe—cheered the results from Waukesha. The governor is even free to believe that facing down the public-sector unions in Wisconsin is courageous leadership on par with Abraham Lincoln preserving the Union. But what is flat-out wrong was Walker’s claim that voters crave leaders who make “tough decisions” the way that he did.

Weally?  Do go on, sir.   I’m skeptical but let’s hear your reasoning.

So no one should have been surprised when, shortly after taking office last year, Walker ripped up the tracks on the high-speed rail plan, spurning $810 million in federal funds. That is what political leadership should be—presenting your vision to the voters and, if elected, trying to enact it.

In contrast, Walker kept under wraps during his first gubernatorial race his driving dream of drastically curtailing the collective bargaining rights of public employees. This stealth campaigning was probably smart politics. Wisconsin, after all, is the state that pioneered public-sector unionism. But by not running on this issue, Walker deliberately deprived himself of an electoral mandate.

Huh?  Two things to address.

1.  Who says a candidate has to completely articulate every single specific actionable item to fulfill your campaign promise of a balanced budget?  Nobody. That’s a complete red herring on the part of Mr. Shapiro.  Scott Walker was elected to get the budget mess in order and help stabilize Wisconsin’s deteriorating business climate.  Scott Walker’s relationship with unions was no secret anyway.   Voters in Wisconsin were very aware of his history with unions.

2.  Scott Walker didn’t deprive himself of a mandate.  He already had it in achieving fiscal mandate.   The voters simply reaffirmed on June 5th their mandate that he address the problems.  Another complete red herring.

Next up:

What Walker missed with his bend-history rhetoric was that Reagan broke the air traffic controllers union in response to an illegal strike. This is what presidents and leaders do—react to unexpected crises in a way that reflects their already articulated governing philosophy.

Hoo boy.  You need to make up your mind,  Mr. Shapiro.

1.  Scott Walker’s governing style in regards to unions was not a secret; that’s documented.   Neither was President Reagan’s.  Red herring.

2. I guess Mr. Shapiro is suggesting that bold actions can only be applied to unexpected issues such as illegal strike… not the easily foreseen issues such as forced confiscation of wages?  Ha.  Red herring.

Next funny line:

But in truth, there is little honor for Walker in being only the third governor face a recall election—and the first to survive one—since the Progressives came up with this drastic remedy for bad governance more than a century ago.

1.  Weally?  No honor?  Then explain the huge resources expended by the same progressives for the last year if it wasn’t important.  Would it had been a big deal if Walker had lost?  We both know the answer, don’t we, Mr. Shapiro?

2. Well, in this case, the drastic remedy was being used by Progressives to maintain bad governance.   You don’t see that?  Good grief.

What about Obama?

Upon taking office, of course, Obama had to go beyond the limited economic jump-start plan that he articulated during his campaign.

Of course.  It’s always different for liberals.  So… Walker didn’t provide specifics for his actions and that’s bad…. Obama did the same thing and it was perfectly acceptable.   The one defining difference between Walker and Obama: Walker has achieved success, Obama only failure.   What was that mandate thing you were complaining about, Mr. Shapiro?

You want another chuckle?  Here ya go:

But in his public rhetoric, Obama never said a federal mandate would be at the center of his health-care plan. During the Democratic presidential primaries, Obama even attacked Hillary Clinton for championing a legal requirement that every American have health insurance.

Oh, I get it.  Not only is it acceptable for Obama to not fully articulate his solutions to a problemhe can also do an about face on how to achieve compliance for his failed signature legislationGotcha.  Not Scott Walker.  We have to have a full detailed plan to show how Walker gets to success…. something that Obama has yet to achieve.

* Rolls Eyes *

Finally I agree with something Mr. Shapiro asserts at the end:

If Wisconsin can provide a lasting lesson in the dangers of political overreach, then maybe the partisan excess of the third recall election in American history was not entirely wasted.

…except Mr. Shapiro obviously thinks the repeated failed recall efforts were worth it for progressivism.  I’m betting that many progressives would dissent on June 6th.    The voters didn’t and many union members didn’t either as one teachers union suffered a 55% drop in membership overnight.

No, the recall effort was a drain and a pain to the Wisconsin voters but it was worth it. It has effectively broken the back of unions nationwide and when other politicians see brave leadership rewarded they will replicate Wisconsin efforts.   Scott Walker have given them a game plan.

One other difference between Scott Walker and Obama: Walker survived the recall… Obama will not be so lucky in November.  That’s how democracy works, right,  Mr. Shapiro?


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