Poll of Polls: Romney increases his lead

Courtesy of The Washington Dispatch.


5 Responses to “Poll of Polls: Romney increases his lead”

  1. Slow and steady….we have a long way to go until it’s November, and much mischief (and worse) can happen between now and then.

    • True… but it’s very encouraging. I don’t believe the economy will rescue Obama. An October surprise won’t overcome the weight of economic woes, either.

      • One of my lib friends on FB (I will soon start deleting some of them, except for colleagues) was saying today that the Repubs will do everything they can to keep unemployment up and the economy in the tank to make things look better for Romney.

  2. The only thing the alphabets had tonight that they felt was remotely exciting for their side was that Obama was ahead of Romney in the WI polls. I don’t think I’d want to bet the ranch on that holding firm between now and November.

  3. The Pubs don’t need to do anything about keeping unemployment up. Obama is doing a fine job himself.

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