Liberalism optics….and you wonder why you guys are losing?

Do these people not realize how utterly ridiculous they look?

…yes, of course, I know they don’t. 

But still. Damn.

At some point one would think a movement would reflect upon their increasing irrelevance…. balance that with the failures of their ideas… and put down the flask of koolaid.

No, they’re not going to do that.  They’ve resorted to fascist intimidation, outright fraud….. and now… I’m not making this up… Gateway Pundit illustrates they’re dabbling in seance ommming.  I. kid. you. not.

Good grief.   What’s next?  Ouija boards and palm readers?  Check your horoscopes while you’re at it.

*Rolls Eyes*

No mockery needed.  You’re doing it to yourselves, liberals.  You’re the best advertisement we don’t have to pay for.


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