Ya think? NYT: Recall Battle in Wisconsin May Snarl Obama Camp

New York Times.  Juicy part:

The president, who campaigned for Mr. Barrett two years ago, has been conspicuously absent this time. His aides argued that he had a full plate and did not have time to come. But Republicans were quick to point out that Mr. Obama was only a helicopter ride on Marine One away from the state on Friday when he visited Minneapolis, and again on Saturday after spending the morning in his old neighborhood in Chicago.

Let me put it another way: what if Barrett and the unions had the opposite polling metrics?  We’d never hear the end of the positive, no doubt inclinations toward Obama…. would we?

Unions (and Obama early on) went all in on this bet…. and it might be a problem for your campaign optics?  Puh-lease.  You’re getting your rump handed to you on a silver platter here, liberals.


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