The Pain in Spain Puts Euro on the Wane

I can’t top Mr. Mead’s title for snark, so I’m borrowing it out of envy. Juicy part:

It looks increasingly likely that the Eurozone will soon be forced to perform a Greek-style bailout of its fourth-largest economy. It’s not clear whether there is enough money to get the job done. Even if the money is there, there is no guarantee that Spain can or will comply with all of the conditions. If it can’t, the Spanish experience will look much like the Greek one—albeit larger and more threatening to the euro project.

Also, check out what’s being said in/about France.  Good read.


3 Responses to “The Pain in Spain Puts Euro on the Wane”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    And I would like to thank you for the lousy ear worm that will bother my musical brain all day!

  2. No problem! No charge!

    • pianogirl88 Says:

      Oh, I shouldn’t have read this post tonight ~ the music was gone from my head and now it’s back. Will turn on the John Batchelor Show on the radio and try to let politics and the dismal showing on the stock market replace it

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