“Obama, the one hit wonder.”

This is coming from an established Democrat. Is it too early to buy party favors?


3 Responses to ““Obama, the one hit wonder.””

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    OK ~ this tells me that I need to spend election day 2012 in the kitchen making brownies to take to my college students the next day because they are going to be depressed and wonder how the world has gone mad by voting out their bud Obama. Maybe I’ll even take a CD of the Hallelujah Chorus to have playing when they come in to classes that day.

  2. Tell your students to pay attention to the economy indices immediately after election day. That should tell them something.

  3. pianogirl88 Says:

    Absolutely. After Obama was elected, every time he named a new member of his cabinet/advisory board/czar or made some financial pronouncement, the stock market dropped another 50 points. I heard a lib say the other day that the stock market had recovered so beautifully, and someone reminded him of where it might be today had it not dropped into the dungeon!

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