Most Americans self identify as fiscally conservative

No big surprise here as America has always been a center-right country.  Juicy part:

The Gallup poll, on the other hand, exhibits another political consequence of the economic downturn – 46 percent of Americans now identify as fiscally conservative, more than twice the 20 percent that say they’re fiscally liberal.

“The changes in self-identified economic conservatism coincide with the economic downturn and President Barack Obama’s time in office,” Gallup said. “But because the jump occurred between 2008 and 2009, and Americans were already concerned about the economy in 2008, the change in presidential administrations from Bush to Obama may be the bigger factor.”

Both of these polls hint at problems for President Obama’s re-election campaign.

A few observations in terms of larger implications…. first, this spells very bad news for the Democrats when you review fiscal events cascading across the country and globe.  People are seeing the crash of the blue model here and abroad while the red model is thriving in states like Texas….even with blue model interference from the federal government.  The exodus of people from huge blue model behemoths like California and Illinois can’t be explained away by simple coincidence.

Also, you see the near overnight transformation of Wisconsin from a blue model to a red model with very clear and quantifiable fiscal success.   New Jersey is also taking on the blue model and unions, as well, and also doing an about face.   People are noticing the results.   Not good for Democrats as many of their initiatives rely upon fiscal ignorance by the electorate to pass.

Organized labor is far and away the biggest loser and it’s mostly because of its own refusal to adjust for present economic realities.  People are more tuned into the true cost of unions… especially their legacy costs with retirements.  Their year long temper tantrum in Wisconsin has turned Scott Walker into a hero…please notice the palpable disappointment on their faces.  When you have a very liberal quorum calling their behavior ‘very stupid’ on a ‘fight they didn’t haven’t to pick’… you know reality has hit the unicorn arena.  Added cherry on the liberals disappointment sundae:  the unions spent $60 million trying to unseat Walker.  Money the Democrats will desperately need going forward… while potentially  flipping Wisconsin red in November with a very well publicized victory for Scott Walker in June.

Last fiscal dynamic: conservative awareness of political economic clout.  Conservatives are just now beginning to meet liberals in the economic buycott worlds and we have them outnumbered 2 to 1.  Another long term disaster for leftists who continue to run the same tired old formula and fail.   Their Rush Limbaugh disaster is more recent proof of that.


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