For Memorial Day…

… I bid all of my fellow veterans fair winds and following seas.  Take a moment to think about those who didn’t come back.  They are the true heroes, it is our job now to uphold their honor.

My old ship, U.S.S. Saint Louis (LKA-116):



3 Responses to “For Memorial Day…”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    Thanks for your service! Was your ship built in Newport News, VA by any chance? I grew up on 32nd Street there and saw some of the great carriers (Forrestal, Enterprise, Ranger) as they took shape. When the gates of the Shipyard would open before the ships went out for the trial runs, my dad & I would always go tour those great cities on the sea. My dad (ironically born in Africa to missionary parents ~ a college is named after my grandfather) was the person who really helped form my conservative leanings. He took me with him to vote (and I got to use the pencil and mark the X for him) in every election and stressed how blessed we were to live in this great country.

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