Foreshadowing the Obama election chances?

Quite possibly.

…except nothing was good about the Obama administration.


3 Responses to “Foreshadowing the Obama election chances?”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    If we get out of this (with the election in November) the ONLY good thing will be is that Czippy and the Czars showed us what socialism would be like if he’d managed to get done everything he semi-wanted to. One of my lib friends (absolutely a beloved friend, but someone in the “arts” ) told me that the problem with socialism was that it hadn’t been tried yet in the correct way. He said a couple weeks ago that it was imperative that Obama be reelected to finish the work he needs to do as POtuS. Sometimes I’m speechless.

  2. Ask him how many million more lives have to be ruined or eliminated before they get to ‘acceptable’. Also ask him why socialism never evolves before capitalism if it’s so good.

  3. pianogirl88 Says:

    If libs thought rationally, we wouldn’t be so worried about our country right now!

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