Open letter to Brett Kimberlin

Dearest Brett,

Been doing a little reading about your past and it seems you’re a tad bit sensitive about it.  After reading about the facts that are established in a conviction, I’d be a little sensitive about others learning about my less-than-stellar behavior.   I suspect, however, that’s where our similarities end as I’d be humiliated by a lack of decency and compassion as conveyed in those lousy acts.

I think your unease is not embedded in a concern for decency as you haven’t shown much decency towards those with whom you disagree.  Let’s talk about that decency aspect, Brett.

Not sure about your upbringing-and after reading about your past– it’s easy to surmise that it wasn’t the same as mine.  You see, Brett, for many of us who comprehend the bedrock of civil society, we carry a healthy dose of decency …which is part and parcel of respect for other.   Our founding fathers understood that not every soul in our country would understand the golden rule…… so they graciously bestowed upon us a republic replete with the rule of law.

Laws that apply to everybody -even you Brett – upholding the vital freedom of speech rights.  Funny how you seem to enjoy those freedom of speech rights right up to  your point of view… and then your respect for others’ rights dries up.  Well, Brett, that’s not the only thing that has dried up.  Our patience with societal miscreants such as yourself has dried up, as well.

Your reservoir of decency on my end has evaporated, too,  and I so I bid you a warm ‘Piss off, jackass’.

With absolutely no regard,



3 Responses to “Open letter to Brett Kimberlin”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    Thank you ~ unbelievable stuff. Stay safe!

  2. Not a problem.

  3. pianogirl88 Says:

    I just read Patterico’s blog ~ OMG ~ the left is truly unhinged!!!

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