MMMMmmm. I love the smell of toasted Marxist in the autumn

The Enterprise Blog has graciously jump-started my day with 10,000 volts of quantifiable good news in regards to the election.   What good tidings, you say?  Let us count the ways:

1. Greek exit from Euro.

Juicy part:

Plug those numbers into Ray Fair’s forecasting model at Yale and you get a Romney victory over Obama, 52.2% vs. 47.8%, pretty close to a reverse of the 2008 results.

2. Economic forecast:  Romney beats Obama by 4 points.

Juicy part:

Romney would get 51.97% of the 2-party vote, while Obama would get 48.03%.

3. Here’s why Romney might actually be the favoriteAll of it is juicy!

…and the one we linked to last week: If Obama was a stock, this chart would make you want to short it.

Don’t buy the liberal hype about ‘likability’.  It’s a load of crap.


3 Responses to “MMMMmmm. I love the smell of toasted Marxist in the autumn”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    You’ve finally given me some hope. Some days I’m OK, and other days I’m so afraid this poser is going to get back in for another four years that I head to the piano to wipe out the horror from my brain! I love Jimmy P. who seems to have his head on straight when it comes to economics. Thanks for the work you put into this column…off it goes to several friends!

  2. It’s gonna get worse for Barry and the Excuse-O-Crats before it gets better.

  3. pianogirl88 Says:

    I just read a blurb somewhere that in “union households” in WI, Gov. Walker only trails by 3%. Hallelujah!

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