Oh snap. Somebody inserted reality into the Obama fairy tale

…Doug is right, the Koolaid line is red hot…. but he’s not through interrupting the Cosmopolitan Jamboree.

Juicy parts:

Leave it to Jim Pethokoukis — one of the few remaining real reporters in America — to note the significance of this particular graph, which likely has David Axelrod replacing his Depends undergarments on an hourly basis.

* snip * * giggle* (Ya just GOTTA go see this graph!)

My personal suspicion is — if we effectively marshal all of our family members, friends and colleagues — that Barack Obama will lose in a, yes, historic landslide. It’s not just a feeling. It’s also data points like Obama edging out an imprisoned felon in a state primary.

We had a nice recap last week on why President Thin Skin and The Truth Deniers will be wailing a sorrowful tune.

Update: Biden’s speech falls on deaf ears.

More juicy:

If his job is to turn out Obama supporters on Election Day, he may want to check on their allegiances before he buses them to the polls. Many Youngstown attendees at Biden’s event do not support him or the president.

Bob McClain and his wife, Myra, came to M7 Technologies to support their friends’ family business. Neither supports the Obama-Biden ticket.

“We are friends of the owners — that is why we came, to show support for the Garvey family,” said Bob. At 71, he’s retired but volunteers full-time as a counselor for Mahoning Valley small-business owners.

“Our vote is going for who is best to lead on the economy. That is Romney, for us,” said Myra as her husband nodded.

I love the feel of goose bumps late at night!


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