Is Jon Lovitz going to escape the reservation?

Haven’t posted a liberal escapee in awhile… time to speculate whether Jon Lovitz is getting booted off leaving the liberal reservation.  Jon, you MUST NOT speak negatively about Dear Leader.  It’s the liberal way.

Come on over to the dark side, Jon.   We do twitter, independent media and snark much better.  And we have cookies.

2 Responses to “Is Jon Lovitz going to escape the reservation?”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    Apparently he doesn’t realize the trouble that Cory Booker & Harold Ford have found themselves in after speaking out in favor of Bain Capitol, thereby destroying the Obama attacks on Romney. Have you seen the funny you tube video about Elizabeth Warren & her Indian heritage?

  2. Yes….yes I have! The right rules the Kingdom of Snark. Proud to be a Snarkian!

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