Very good question, Mr. Elder

Larry Elder over at the Washington Examiner asks a very good question: Will gay marriage force black churches to reconsider the Democratic Party?


But equal rights and equal results are two very different things. The modern civil rights movement lost its way by failing to appreciate the difference. To achieve “equal results,” the Democratic Party, among other things, demands redistribution of wealth, a government response to the “gap” between the rich and poor, higher minimum wages and higher taxes on the so-called rich.

From my personal experience, it will definitely cost the Democrats support and some black pastors have intimated that it will cost Obama the election.  This decision is not the sole reason Obama will lose but it’s the nail in the coffin for Obama in November.  Obama simply can’t afford to lose a sliver of support anywhere much less in the black community.

End result will be another round of bad news for Team Thin Skin…higher gas prices…Euro concerns…Middle East upheaval… the Supreme Court giving Obamacare even more bad press and -ultimately-  Obama struggling in Democrat primaries exacerbated by this particularly mind numbingly bad political decision on gay marriage.  We already see how Team Turmoil reacts to facts betraying their fairy tale: organized panic.  More bad decisions will be made.  Rinse.  Repeat.

The Democrat party has a flat learning curve.


2 Responses to “Very good question, Mr. Elder”

  1. Amazing, isn’t it? We’re watching the beginnings of an implosion. Like Pianogirl said, pass the popcorn please.

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