Bobby Jindal Goes Mobile

Nice article about Governor Jindal at The American Spectator detailing his incredible run of accomplishments.   What struck me, however, is his discussion of education with a local union educator:

“One of our school union leaders had come out and said that many poor parents don’t have a clue about how to make educational choices for the children,” Jindal told me. “To me, that is incredibly offensive, that bureaucratic, top-down, attitude. Who knows the child’s needs better: the parents, or the elitist, bureaucratic system? A child’s education should not be determined by his income or his zip code. We know that there are a lot of kids trapped in failing schools. We should allow the dollars to follow the children, not make the children try to follow the dollars.”

Offensive, indeed.  This mindset is at the very core of leftist ideology, folks.


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