Are Romney’s fortunes tied to Scott Walker’s destiny?

Click over to The Washington Dispatch for more info.  Juicy part:

Under a scenario where Romney loses the swing state he is currently struggling the most in, Virginia, a Wisconsin win could compensate for such a loss and open the door to a possible scenario where Mitt Romney ties Barack Obama in electoral votes and is elected president by the Republican controlled House of Representatives….


2 Responses to “Are Romney’s fortunes tied to Scott Walker’s destiny?”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    I think a Scott Walker win on June 5 will have a lot of people quaking in their boots, and will be a very good omen for the election four months later.

  2. It will be a political earthquake for those on the left. It will be part of another series of potential bad news from which Obama will not recover. With a summer of high gas prices, Supreme Court eviscerating Obamacare and Walker slaying the union dragon?

    It could be a bummer of a summer for the Democrats.

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