Without double standards, modern liberalism would have no standards at all

I realize the aforementioned political axiom in the header can be applied to several liberal categories…. but let’s review the liberal double standard in regards to class warfare.  It does my soul good to see others discussing the folly of spoiled rich brats and anarchists in the OWS movement embracing their filthy rich overlords while complaining about other people’s wealth.

Kyle Becker over at Conservative Daily News provides a decent list of those rich overlords that the OWS Clueless Brigade adhere to like Velcro.  Juicy Part:

Nothing is as moronic about the modern left as its espousing of socialist values, like wealth redistribution and state-determined equality of outcomes, and its simultaneous backing of politicians and leftist celebrities who defy every one of those purported values. The cognitive dissonance it takes to support a left-wing party headed by wealthy oligarchs is truly breathtaking. Such radical fat cats in the main use the state as a way to suppress  competition, flaunt the radical environmentalist claptrap through carbon-belching air and motorcade travel, and even crush the market system that got them to their lofty positions.

Wait!  There’s more and it comes with free shipping!  Yes we have doubled your order just for hanging around!  Utah over at Rio Norte Line has also digitized their double standards: Logical Incongruence: How can the words “rich” and “socialist” describe the same person?

Answer: Because at the intersection of those two words is “hypocrite”.

Wait!  We’re not finished yet! We’ll include a video of how to escape the liberal fairy tale… absolutely free.  Just be one of the first 6 million clickers on this blog!

I have to tip my hat to this fellow (former citizen of communism, no less) for providing a 15 minute educational session for the clueless wonder:


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