Where were Jesse and Al?

Yes, another Scott Walker post but I’d like to highlight one particular aspect in this video: the conspicuous  absence of our professional race-baiters.  Where were they?

Think about it folks… especially now in the current racially charged political atmosphere:

We have a mostly white mob protesting a mostly black school… and there is also incidental vandalism. It was not a coincidence that it happened right before the Walker visit. Where are Jesse and Al? Why aren’t they raising hell at these white people? They ought to be raising the most hell at these union folks because this school is providing a kick ass education to these children.

…but they’re not interested in the future of these budding minds. Not at all. These future college graduates and success stories don’t fit the narrative of the liberal fairy tale. They need to maintain control and power over these people via racial double standards or institutionalized racism.

Democrats need dependent voters to maintain control. This school helps free them from that dependency relationship. This school’s metrics are remarkable by anyone’s standards… and they get vandalized and protested? Give me a break.

Pay attention to the behavior of these union ‘adults’…. and pay particular attention to the brilliant video edits of the principal interview… and the union behavior.   We need to break the backs of these fascist union thugs.


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