Reminder of why Scott Walker needs to succeed

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting more pro-Walker material in here…. some of it old…. some of it new.  They will be tagged under ‘Unions’ for your reference.   Send these links to friends and family in Wisconsin.

In this video, you can plainly see what depths of disgusting  behavior the union people will plummet into: protesting and disrupting a Special Olympics ceremony.   The personification of a scumbag, indeed.

Even though we have great news that the DNC has pulled the plug on their efforts in Wisconsin and polling favors Scott Walker…. let’s take nothing for granted.  To donate to Scott Walker (I already have)… click here.


5 Responses to “Reminder of why Scott Walker needs to succeed”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    JMHO, but I think the people of WI might be just a tad upset at how the unions have acted during the recall process. People did not need to turn out to vote for Walker in the primary because he was unchallenged, but I loved how he got as many votes as the two democrats (combined) did. Will look forward to reading your posts about this.

  2. No doubt. The citizens of Wisconsin are not amused by such antics… and they’re very weary of the endless recall votes. This tactic has backfired upon them and their insular thinking won’t allow them to see their continued strategic blunder.

    Fine by me. Stay out of touch… it’s easier for us to run roughshod over them. Cheers!

  3. pianogirl88 Says:

    I think Rush just reported that the DNC has pulled $$ from the recall effort in WI….if true (I wasn’t listening carefully and just caught part of what he was saying), that is a very good sign.

  4. pianogirl88 Says:

    Latest poll has Walker up by 9 points. Of course, it’s 3 weeks out from election day, and we have to be very careful so the left does not win by letting Mickey Mouse vote numerous times.

  5. He’s getting smoked in North Carolina. His pandering to the gay marriage lobby just cost him a swing state. More to follow.

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