Let’s discuss energy, shale we? (Get it?)

When I read about the treasure trove of energy in the western United States, I thought about many of the political implications. (Long story short: we’re swimming in oil)   Powerline mentioned a couple in regards to Obama’s flawed stance… and Instapundit also alluded to potential political maneuvers of the greenies to block this development. The opposition will happen and don’t expect Obama’s evolution to bleed over into the carbon based energy category, to be sure.

What many of the Watermelons fail to realize is that most of their collection of fairy tales are long past their expiration date.   Global Warming Climate change has been exposed as a farce as well the true nature of those carbon credits the Melon heads pushed for.  Obama’s push for ‘necessarily higher’ energy prices?  Ask the average gas consumer their preference.  Better yet, ask West Virginia whom they would prefer leading the way on coal mining.    Job creation… would the Melons care to compare the job creation in the oil patch or in the wind industry or solar industry?  Oh, the Melons will bemoan that we didn’t give alternative energy enough time and resources to succeed… without taking time to notice that it failed spectacularly in Spain or what the Germans are about to discover  the importance of back up energy plans in the winter.

The oil shale reserves can turn world politics on its head.  If you think the Middle East is a mess now, just wait until they lose their one trump card in the world of politics.   Russia and China will lose leverage over us as well.   The leftists worldwide will be aghast to see that America really doesn’t need exterior sources of fuel or their ridiculous political strings to reduce our sovereignty.  Mr. Soros will not be amused neither will the Sierra Club.

I’m amused by the prospects, though.  Drill, baby, drill.

Side note: I’ll be back Wednesday.


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