Why Modern Liberalism Is An Ideology Of Inherent Closed-Mindedness and Intolerance

Every Silver Lining belts one outta da park.  Teaser:

Let’s start our analysis of liberalism with some characteristics evident among many liberals in America today. Admittedly this will not in and of itself prove that liberalism is intolerant, just that there is certain intolerant behavior prevalent in a vast majority of liberals. One thing I’ve found in dealing with liberals is that doubting the validity of man-made global warming is akin to denying the existence of the Holocaust, if not even worse. Liberals will consider you automatically scientifically retarded and jump to the conclusion that questioning or even denying the harmful effects of man-made global warming must mean that you want to destroy the environment. Questioning the racial fairness of affirmative action in the presence of a hardcore liberal will lead the liberal to promptly shut down his mind to intellectual honesty, thus forcing him to think in the black and white terms of “good” or “bad”, “pro-racial equality” or “pro-racism.” Needless to say, questioning affirmative action makes you a racist and subsequent reasonable debate is next to impossible. Conservatives and libertarians are generally not allowed to speak on liberal campuses. Indeed, liberals openly desire a totalitarian-like regulation of the media to silence free speech and broadcast only what they perceive to be desirable, and this has been a staple of liberalism for hundreds of years.

Nice read over there.


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