Paradigm shift in media wars

Not sure if everyone realizes it but we’ve experienced a paradigm shift in power in media since 2004.

Rewind back to 2004 when the Rather memo fiasco unfolded. A single blogger @ Little Green Footballs did the sleuthing on the fundamental flaws on the ‘memo’. It took some time –several months– for the fallout for Rather on a nationally prominent incident on a President. I remember the news cascading out and the MSM just sniffed and ignored it …but after awhile they couldn’t ignore it.

ABC and NBC have had to do an about face on a local incident because of the alternate media in the matter of just a couple of weeks. Multiple independent bloggers have helped redefine the Trayvon Martin case in short order. Like Breitbart said: we’ll fact check your butts now. One wonders how many other cases like the Martin case the media managed to get away with over the past 20 years.

Another element of the shift is the spectacularly unimaginative nature of liberals in discussion. Here and in the media. Any contention refuting their world view is automatically met with charges of racism, hatred or class warfare. That is it. Sum total of their response.

As you can see, conservatives and libertarians can predict with fairly uncanny accuracy the response in a variety of topics. In fact when I do my internet wanderings, I’ll mentally bookmark certain postings. Why? Because I know some liberal out here is going to post something from the MSM that has faulty research. The recent ABC/CNN poll on Obama’s ‘polling advantage’ was an example of that. Sure enough, a day later it was posted by a liberals everywhere.  Like clockwork.

Snark? We’re running roughshod over them because they’ve marginalized themselves with the race/hate/class warfare card. We can now just laugh at them with impunity because it is no longer even a concern. Polling reveals that all of those cards no longer work.

Wanna Twitter war with us? We’ll blow your unimaginative rumps out of the water. Witness the smackdown liberalism received in the slut wars and dog wars. Total annihilation. In fact, we now even have the MSM asking the White House press secretary about Obama eating dog within 3 days of the twitter blitz. 3 days.

Buycotts? Bring it on, boys and girls! Ask Carbonite and Arby’s how that stuff works. We have liberals outnumbered by at least 2 to 1 and we’re tuned in to your tactics, liberalism.

Let’s roll!


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