Back from vacation, just short of Obama’s record

Yeah, I burned out and it wasn’t just from this blog.   I was doing quite a bit of participation in political topics in political forums…. with the sporadic comment at several blogs.

One of my fave cyber stops was Don Surber but, alas, he’s human and burned out.

It’s unfortunate to lose Don and and a few others in the blogosphere but it’s completely within the confines of understanding.  It takes lots of work and patience to do this.  I’ll try to make occasional posts here to help others find a repository of info/ammo against the liberal talking points machinery.



4 Responses to “Back from vacation, just short of Obama’s record”

  1. I’m glad to see you are back ~ I was worried that something had happened to you. Yes, Don is missed…I still check his blog every few days to make sure he hasn’t realized what a mistake he’s making by not sharing his great thoughts with us!

  2. No, nothing other than too much zeal for too little time. I was spending tons o time on political forums but I’m finding that is less than gratifying anymore.

    Mr. Surber actually filled the blog void for me… he really spoke many of my thoughts for me. I’m going to be one of the pebbles to try to fill the void of the boulder known as Don. :0)

  3. Welcome back! I’ve been battling serous illness, but I am still here, doing whatever I can to undermine and annoy the left whenever I am able to.

    • Not to worry! I’ve been beating back the tide of liberal talking points myself. Not hard, mind you, but it takes time. :0)

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