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Go, Wisconsin, go

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No comment needed.


More cracks in Democrat-Jewish relations

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The Washington Free Beacon provides the goods: Bimah BrawlJuicy part:

Wasserman Schultz, known for her aggressive pro-Obama tactics, was originally scheduled to deliver a speech about Israel during a Shabbat service at Temple Israel, a self-described “progressive Reform congregation” that boasts a largely liberal membership.

Stanley Tate, a highly regarded philanthropist and Republican activist, objected to the presentation of a one-sided political speech about the Jewish state and proposed to offer a rebuttal.

Ben Kuehne, the synagogue’s Democrat-aligned president, refused to give Tate a platform, causing the wealthy member to resign from the temple and take a delegation of prominent members with him.

Obama is toast, gang. I published other cracks this morning.

Addendum to the death of liberalism

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I’ve already cobbled together some evidence of the slow death of liberalism… and Jeffrey Lord does a bang up job tracing the beginning of the ideological cerebral hypoxia back to the Kennedy administration.  Juicy stuff:

What happened in those five years after JFK’s death?

One very compelling thing.

The attitude toward Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson that was evidenced by Kennedy’s liberal leaning staff, by the Washington Georgetown set, by Washington journalists — slowly seeped into the sinews of liberalism itself.

Check it out… you’ll learn some new stuff over there.   I pwomise.

Trickle becoming flood? Another liberal escapes!

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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.   Juicy part:

The longtime Democrat from Blair County quit the party and registered as a Republican, and then boldly walked in a Memorial Day parade in support of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Not just any longtime Democrat….she rose through the ranks of the local Democrat organization and eventually became the first vice president of the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women.

Don’t underestimate the psychological impact here in a state like Pennsylvania… a state that Obama must have.   Barry and the Spendocrats are toast in November.

Do not disturb: They’re reading Barry his favorite fairy tale. Yet again.

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Are Obama’s campaign aides fooling themselves?  Juicy part:

We’re in a different setting now. Obama won the popular vote by 7 points in 2008. Republicans won the House popular vote by 7 points in 2010. Many more voters have been moving around than had been eight years ago.

The strategy of rallying currently unenthusiastic core Obama voters — Hispanics, young voters, unmarried women — risks alienating others who may be more moveable than their counterparts were in 2004. The Obama managers seem unaware of that risk. Could be a problem for them.

Click over to read Mr. Barone’s list of Obama operating assumptions to see the potholes ahead for the Fairy Tale Brigade.  These people are isolated from the real world.

Are American Jews Beginning To Rebel Against Pulpit Progressive-ism?

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Courtesy of The Lid.   One of many juicy parts:

Although the prose in their pledge is tame, its purpose was to isolate Jewish groups who wish to point out the failings of President Barack Obama’s policy towards Israel. The ADL, AJC another other like-thinking organizations have a vested interest in ensuring that the Jews continue to vote Democratic and re-elect this president. They fear losing access to he White House.

These two groups never opened their mouths when Jewish groups dis-invited Sarah Palin from an anti-Ahmadinejad rally in 2008 because she was a Republican who supported Israel.

There’s a really good video over there that is an informal poll of American jews that indicate Obama has lost some parts of a critical constituency going forward.  I believe this is more evidence of Obama’s political implosion that the polls simply do not reveal yet.

Rut roh! Another liberal escapes plantation!

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Artur Davis, Former Black Caucus Member, Switches to GOP.

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