Click here for your daily ivory tower idiot

I have to admit that I knew this was a common occurrence, but I had no idea that the purity of their ignorance was 24 carat.  One yesterday.  Today’s clueless wonder courtesy of your political class.

Senator Nelson, I’d highly recommend you start some fundamental legal reading.  Start with the Constitution and related documents.  Then read the damned laws you pass.

If I performed my job the way you do …..and then go on national television to broadcast that  I’m an incompetent dumbass… I would have rightly been fired long ago.

2 Responses to “Click here for your daily ivory tower idiot”

  1. Pianogirl88 Says:

    I don’t know who the genius was who took out the severability clause from Obamacare, but we owe him/her a debt of gratitude! If you haven’t seen Chuck Schumer’s great moment talking about the 3 branches of government, do look it up on you tube. I posted it yesterday on (in the “Connection” section under politics) and sent it to friends. You will find it quite sad & amusing, all at the same time.

  2. The great thing about institutionalized ignorance is that you can count on it to be wrong most of the time; they don’t bother to check. Our Congress is stocked full of institutionalized ignorance. The Democrats hold massive quantities of this institutionalized ignorance and it bit them in their arses on Obamacare.

    It will happen again in 2012. Mark it down.

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