Tea Party Conference in Charlotte?

The Democrats have chosen Charlotte, North Carolina for their September 3, 2012 Convention.

As a side note: they picked a terrific city.  Charlotte is one of my very faves in my business travels.  Have a couple of good friends there and the southern hospitality is strong within North Carolina.

Back to blogging.

I think the Tea Party ought to consider having a parallel conference/convention in Charlotte during the same time.  Run it as an antithesis to the violent leftist protests at Republican Conventions that we have to endure.  Hell, they even set up specific links so that their protesters could get up to the minute updates:

http://www.protestrnc2008.org (link doesn’t work)You can get text message updates and alerts on your cell phone about protesting the RNC! From your cell phone send a text message to the phone number 40404 with the message follow…

The Conference wouldn’t have to be a big affair other than to get a Palin, Beck or Bachmann MSM lightning rod driven into the Charlotte soil.  The MSM will give the Tea Party the free publicity and draw attention away from the Democrats at the same time.   Not sure if Obama will have learned to keep his lip zipped in regards to the Tea Party at that juncture in 2012… but if not… publicity gold.

Just a thought.


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