So, Dana, how’s the Palinabstinence goin’ for ya?

Just curious how your Palin boycott and vow of Sarah abstinence was going?  Oh really?  Only 9 hours?  Perhaps you can seek a Palin patch or something like that…. at least get an oral sponge or something to collect the unsightly froth.  It’s gross and it doesn’t go with your international orange wardrobe.

Oh, sorry about that ‘free’ Obamacare, too.  Uh, not really.

2 Responses to “So, Dana, how’s the Palinabstinence goin’ for ya?”

  1. Pianogirl88 Says:

    Yep, she lives RENT FREE in the heads of libs. I had one very dear lib friend (unfortunately, he lost his battle with cancer two months ago) who had the nerve to ask me what kind of a mother could she be if her daughter was pregnant. I reminded him that I knew his ENTIRE family ~ the aunts and uncles and cousins, and he was hardly in a position to criticize anyone, much less her.

    BTW, I can never remember if Dana Milbank is the man or the woman who writes for the ComPOST. :~) I think one of the Brit papers plans on doing an article a day about SP to make up for what Dana won’t write. And this writer likes her!

  2. Liberal principles: some of the most malleable material ever known.

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