O’s house of cards

Health law starts to tumble down.  Favorite beer or wine sipping teaser:

Monday’s ruling by federal Judge Roger Vinson that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — a k a ObamaCare — is unconstitutional is a signal event in modern American history. For the first time since FDR browbeat the Supreme Court into accepting most of his New Deal, the Leviathan known as the federal government has been rocked back on its heels.

Don’t settle for a TKO either, Pubs.  Drive a freaking stake through the heart!  Viva political vitriol!

2 Responses to “O’s house of cards”

  1. Pianogirl88 Says:

    Did you hear that “our” side also sneaked a little surprise into the “kill zippycare” bill that does away with congress trying to control the internet? Hillbuzz had something about it today. If you haven’t seen it, let me know and I can send you the link if you don’t have their site bookmarked.

  2. Yeah, and the idiot Dems tried to counter attack with a gun magazine provision…. the Dems have a far higher idiot ratio than I gave them the credeeeetz for!

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