You know that school Obama mentioned in SOTU?

Yeah, the one that turned completely around and has remarkable performance now?  It’s because the school adheres to policies TOTALLY OPPOSITE of what Obama professes.  Click here for the rest of the story.

Abolishing the Department of Education is not radical.  Keeping it is abundantly stupid, however.

18 Responses to “You know that school Obama mentioned in SOTU?”

  1. Pianogirl88 Says:

    Thanks for posting…lots of good information to use!

  2. Pianogirl88 Says:

    And I do appreciate it ~ wish I had more time to just sit and read to absorb stuff so I could have more ammo for dealing with the willful ignorance of the libs with whom I am in contact. I had several e-mails with a dear friend yesterday about an e-mail I’d sent to him. He didn’t answer back after the 3rd one I sent! :~)

    • No prob, PG. I’ll be more than glad to help here. I’ve been in your position and I know how you feel. Been doing this over 10 years and have the scores of liberal booty hides to prove it.

      Decided to start a blog to catalog my experiences and data to help others such as yourself.

      Send your informationally challenged souls over here… I’d be glad to stomp out more liberal talking points. 😀

  3. Pianogirl88 Says:

    Are you on FB by any chance? If so, and you’d like another “friend”, find me at Beverly Babcock ~ my “adult” picture is showing now, vs. one of me at age 3 playing the accordion! :~)

  4. Yes but I can’t reveal my ‘real’ identity out here. Some of the ideas and thoughts that I post out here aren’t ‘PC enough’ to pass in my arena of work. I work for a large corporation and I’m in the corporate group; I’d definitely get calibrated if I lost my cyber cloak. 😦

  5. Pianogirl88 Says:

    So you are pulling a “David Kahane” on me??? I don’t post anything political on FB ~ too many lib colleagues & students, and being an adjunct prof with absolutely no hope of tenure, I really have to be careful. Regretfully, I understand your position.

  6. Sorry, PG… there is only downside for me to offer my identity. This is what modern liberalism has wrought. I’ll support you in any way possible but I’m a divorced dad with two boys to support.

    Gotta protect those two. 🙂

  7. Pianogirl88 Says:

    I understand, truly I do. If the day ever comes when you feel OK with it, you have my e-mail! I have to keep working for the rest of my life….hubby lost his job a year ago, so we’ve been without his income that was gobs bigger than my lovely $20,000/yr. from the college. I could be fired for any reason. Thank goodness my girls are grown and pretty much on their own, except when they need their mom (and her pocketbook!) Yes, those little ones are your #1 priority in life.

  8. Pianogirl88 Says:

    I am curious about your blog name ~ are you a jazz fan who likes V chords in b minor? (Pay no attention to me ~ I like to figure out the meaning of people’s license plates or bumper stickers on my long ~ 2 hours each way ~ drive to school!)

  9. No, the moniker is far more banal than that…. it’s a paint color code for a Chrysler paint. I’m a car guy and one of my fave past cars was a b5blue. :0)

  10. PG… this is why I keep my head down:

    Full disclosure: I definitely do not make lawyer bucks but I have to protect the little that I get!! 🙂

    • pianogirl88 Says:

      Scary ~ I know I’ve lost some FB friends when I’ve asked them not to post political stuff on my page ~ music, fun videos are fine. And I’ve even had to get after my sister who KNOWS all of this, and still posts stuff anyway! I had one “friend” (someone I enjoyed meeting for tea/lunch a couple times a year) who really blasted me on FB with some pretty vile language (on a thread about my roses) because I’d posted something on another FB page that she read. Sorry it has to be this way for both of us. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people via e-mail and FB.

  11. Pianogirl88 Says:

    Since we are on the subject of a school, here is an amusing moment from one of the piano lessons I taught today ~ posted it on FB and got a LOT of responses. (BTW ~ and this is my last word on the subject ~ I would have no way of knowing you were connected to this blog if you requested a friendship on FB ~ I probably get 3 or 4 every day, and have several “in waiting” until I decide if I want to say “yes” or not!) :~)
    Student…my finger is sore
    Student…it got bitten
    Student…by a drunk girl
    …Me…don’t think I need to know more than that!
    Happy Monday!

  12. …there are people high in my organization who are politically (you’ve heard of them, trust me) connected. I gotta stay anonymous. Even a microscopic chance at discovery is too much. 🙂

    • Pianogirl88 Says:

      That’s OK ~ if I didn’t know it was you, we didn’t have a lot of mutual FB “friends” and you didn’t list yourself as a semi-conservative, I’d likely not say “yes” anyhow. I have no choice when it comes to colleagues/students who want to be friends, but will not say “yes” to someone I don’t know unless I can tell they are a conservative and we share a lot of mutual friends. It was easy with Don Surber and a couple of the surburbans, although there are a few with whom I’d enjoy being friends!

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