An invitation to debate the Obamacare repeal efforts

I’m extending a cordial invitation to my fellow patriot, Patrick,   over at Political Byline to discuss his contention:  DUMB: GOP-Controlled House votes to repeal Obamacare.  I’ve posted a couple of comments of disagreement over there but I think it deserve a thorough review.


…because if the Republican repeal effort follows the path proffered by my compatriot, that’s exactly how the left will spin it: a total waste of taxpayer funds.

Nothing could be further from the truth about this singular battle in our protracted war upon leftism in America.   Yeah I used ‘war’, libs.  My blog, my dialogue… tough cookies…. go cry with Keith Olbermann.

As I stated in my comments over there, this repeal effort by the Pubs has tremendous psychological power to embolden our side and deflate their side.  We don’t have to win it all in one decisive battle.   Even if it does stall out in the Senate… we have won the battle psychologically.  We’ve used the liberals’ camel nose in the tent strategy to introduce the idea into the public arena.   Repeal ‘historic’ legislation? Yep….  that’s the camel nose and the liberals fear the part that’s attached to the ‘Job Killing’ nose proffered by the Pubs.

These psychological shots across the bow are not without precedent.  Ever hear of a tale of Jimmy Doolittle?   The actual battle damage was minimal… that was just collateral damage… the real impact:

Essentially unarmed to extend their flying range, the B-25’s fly unmolested to Tokyo and drop their bombs, proceeding to China where they land at the very limits of their fuel. Although the bombing does minimal damage physically, the psychological impact is great. For the Americans, this raid symbolizes the first “strike back” at the Japanese and raises American morale substantially. The Japanese, buoyed by their constant success in the Pacific are now forced to contemplate the implications of the war if it is allowed to be carried to Japanese soil. This change in Japanese attitude will affect military decisions in such crucial battles as the battle of Midway and the Coral Sea. For the Americans, the raid signifies that the Japanese are not invulnerable and therefore can ultimately be defeated.

Bingo.  The same for us.  We’re going to force Senator Harry Reid to make a decision he doesn’t want to make.  Either way… the Democrats are screwed.

If they stonewall any attempt at discussion in the Senate… katy bar the door in 2012… and we’ll get to make the change anyway. If Dirty Harry decides to discuss the topic, he’ll be forced to make major concessions that will weaken the Democrats anyway.  The American people spoke forcefully in November.  They’re prepared to make 2012 equally volcanic for those refusing to listen.

Even if, as my partner at Political Byline asserts, the bills dies out… that’s free political advertisement and leverage for the Tea Party.  We don’t have to pay a single penny for such a treasure trove of political opportunity.  The time we spent on the repeal measure (which was already paid for, by the way) will yield far more in future political change.

As Professor William Jacobson correctly asserts about Sarah Palin: If She Can’t Win, Then Neither Can We.  It’s a clear and concise piece of political brilliance as its focus covers the all-important psychology:

There is no better way to demoralize a key segment of the Republican Party, and damage our chances in November 2012, than to announce a year before the primaries even begin that Palin should not even enter the primary fray or should not be seriously considered because she cannot win a general election.

Bingo.  The same with our repeal efforts.  There’s no better way than for the liberals to tell us this was a waste of time and it becoming a reality than us agreeing with them… when nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s push the entire repeal camel into the tent.  We already have the snout in.


2 Responses to “An invitation to debate the Obamacare repeal efforts”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I really don’t disagree with your assessment. It might make it through the Senate and then again, it might not. It all depends on how worried the Dems are in the Senate. There are about 13 or so dems who are up for reelection in 2012; it all depends on how worried they get. If they bring it to a vote and it passed, cool! But if not, at least the Republicans will have something on them.

    I still think that they should have done it my way… But eh, if it gets it done sooner or later, so be it. I guess. 😀

    So, there’s my opinion. 😀


  2. Thanks for the response, Pat. 🙂

    I’m not declaring the Pubs’ efforts a stroke brilliance. Far from it. After taking an electoral beating about the head and shoulders they figured out some of us mean business.

    … but their repeal vote was an absolute necessity. I think it would have been profoundly dumb NOT to vote on it after November. 🙂

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