Why Leftists Are Far Likelier to Use Political Violence Than Conservatives

Courtesy of Canada Free Press.  Juicy parts:

Tea Party members are violently ignorant, racist rednecks, hell-bent on revenge! Isn’t that the media’s unvarnished opinion? And if anyone were to use a weapon for a political crime, it would be—by default—a person from the right side of the aisle. Correct? This is true because modern liberals are the holders of humanity’s precious, dwindling stock of peace loving common sense and love for homo sapiens. While it is the idiotically reactionary Conservatives who need to act out their violent fantasies. Bill Maher recently claimed Conservatives think—“Wouldn’t it be fun to kill the people who disagree with us?‚”…


So we are left to ponder why liberals get to assume the worst about their foes, and feel free to announce it, when history teaches us otherwise? Ironically, if anyone is violent, it is most likely will be a leftist.


It is intellectual apostasy to claim Conservative means the same as violent extremism without bothering to study the history. In fact, the opposite is true when one considers that all of last century’s Marxist revolutions were achieved by a minority in a bloody ascension. Also, remember 200 million innocents were killed by leftists like Mao and Stalin making liberalism the most violent and murderous belief system in history. The entire Inquisition killed 30,000 people, while Chairman Mao by himself murdered 77 million!

The reason leftists are willing to murder in the name of politics is because they normally do not believe in God, a hereafter, or even any classic definition of morality. So whatever is done, as long as it serves Marxism, it is good.

All of those assassinations must have been Palin’s fault.  Good grief.  Go read the whole thing; good stuff.


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