Black Tea Party in Houston

Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell the liberal media.  Their egos are already fragile from not being able to dictate the Tucson tragedy narrative.

Uh, what the hell am I thinking?  Screw their ‘new civility’.  Yell it from the tops of their ivory towers.   Courtesy of Fox Houston:

“It’s not really about Republican or Democrat. It’s about the black community. The minority vote has been misused and manipulated by people for so long,” said Moncrief.

Newly elected Texas State Representative James Early White (R-TX District 12) isn’t worried about taking any heat for being a Black Tea Party activist. He won in a predominantly white district.

“I’ve won a campaign, so I don’t know about any backlash,” he said.

Johnson doesn’t feel she has to defend her views either.

“Frankly I’m the type of person that’s not afraid to step out of the box. I think Black people need to be more concerned about what our politicians are doing for our community, where is our money going and what are they doing with it,” said Johnson.

H/T: Politically Incorrect


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