Debate: Ronald Reagan vs. Robert F. Kennedy

In the current political climate, one may scratch their head over the knowledge gap of the elites or the ‘credentialed, not educated class’ as Instapundit has branded them.  This knowledge gap has been carved out via a continuous stream of misinformation of moral equivalency that naive college students embrace.

This debate occurred 44 years ago but it provides a clear snapshot of the state of liberalism in the 60’s… and it’s not much different from the present insular liberalism we see today.   National Review Online and Paul Kengor provide the goods. Juicy part:

Reagan performed so well that his presidential boosters sought to use clips from the debate during the 1968 Oregon presidential primary, and requested a copy from CBS. Kennedy, however, reportedly did not want the video to be made available; CBS, naturally, acceded to his request. Kennedy himself conceded defeat to Reagan, telling his aides after the debate to never again put him on the same stage with “that son-of-a-bitch.” Kennedy was heard to ask immediately after the debate, “Who the f— got me into this?” Frank Mankiewitz was that aide, as Kennedy was quick to remind him a few weeks later: “You’re the guy who got me into that Reagan thing.”

Some things never change: modern liberalism getting trumped in exchange of facts and a compliant liberal media.  Read the whole thing to see a few tidbits of propaganda the students tried to foist upon Reagan.  Here is a complete transcript of the debate.


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