Tea Envy

American Power has an excellent review of one strain of virulent liberalitis running amuck in the ivory towers.  Much, much less virulent than Palin rabies but is capable of starving some logical sectors of gray matter enough to turn it into red matter.   Not that it matters, mind you, as decay is decay no matter the hue.   I digress for the second time and I have insomnia…

Juicy part:

We’ve long seen how tea party envy has been a common theme for the Obama era (the “coffee party,” for example), and in Lepore’s interview we see the lament that academic elites have failed to tap the tea party’s populist vibrancy. And so, when people and movements find themselves failing to be on the right side of history (like the progressives), they lash out. They attack and disparage. And they engage in libelous accusations that work to destroy any efforts at civil debate they purportedly claim to champion. All of this is hardly surprisingly, although it’s certainly dispiriting, in one way after another.

H/T Instapundit.


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