How Do We End Liberals’ Disconnect From Everyone Else?

Courtesy of IMAO:

So liberals are in full noise mode, but a new Gallup poll says that the majority see right through it and believes liberals are bringing up conservative rhetoric out of political opportunism. In addition, 72% say that more gun control wouldn’t have helped.

It really seems that since 2008, liberals have lost ability to convince the American people of anything. Of course, the left aren’t really aware of that because they tend to hang out with each other and see how convincing their arguments are to other liberals and thinks that means anything to the American people at large. And nothing — not even huge election losses — has woken them from their disconnect with normal people.

Just look at Bill Maher uncomfortable appearance on the tonight show. He’s so ignorant about the American people he’s now lashing out hatefully out of delusional fear. Apparently, he really thinks the hundred million conservatives out there are all about to kill him or something. They didn’t commit political violence last year or the year before that or the year before that, but any day now they’re coming for him! He’s sure of it! The completely unrelated violence in Tuscon only reminds him how imminent violent conservatives are. And they must be awful and violent because otherwise why would he hate them so much?

I’m not sure how you snap people out of that when they’re so entrenched in their own ignorance and filled with so much anger at their delusions of what other people are like. I guess we need some sort of tolerance program for liberals to expose them to more conservatives and learn not to be so hateful of them. Or we could say, “Shut up, hippie!” and punch them in the face. That’s kind of what the last election was, though, and that obviously didn’t get through to them.

That’s kind of how I feel about most liberals.  There are some, however, who can be engaged and I think we should every chance we get.  I’ll confess that my patience with the more radical moonbat/elitist variety has worn onion-skin thin, however.  They’re not worth any time and ought to be logically backhanded at every discussion where they insert their willful ignorance.

We need to keep winning over those liberals who are realizing they’re in a cuckoo’s nest… and they want to run for neutral ground.   Let’s keep the facts of modern liberalism’s complete lack of honesty and performance front and center on their computer screens.

Dripping water gets the rock.  Literally and figuratively.

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